Test Results and General Observations

  These results have been updated and corrected due to a more complete understanding of shoot raw and jpeg file format. These results apply to jpeg format.

Ok, if you have reviewed the images, there are some difference in the images, but worthwhile to consider? For some reason there were more differences in the original raw file than shown in the jpegs created from the cr2 files. I don't know why except it's the Adobe Photoshop conversion which reduced the differences. So, general observations?

First, there is little difference in the colors using the different metering. Those differences are more with different shutter speed associated with the exposure reading, increasing or decreasing the intensity of colors, and the shadows and highlights. That's a choice the photographer has to make at the time.

Second, color balance has some obvious color differences. You have to pay attention to the light for the correct color balance, and you can also take multiple images with the diffent settings, easily set with the top buttons.

Third, the picture style has some obvious color differences, partly explained in the different characteristics in each picture style, described in the manual for the camera. But with the same color balance there was less difference in the picture style than in the color balance, so with the right color balance the picture style becomes less important.

In conclusion, the first choice you need to make is the color balance. After that you can choose the picture style, but generally the standard style will likely cover a lot of your needs. After that, it's a matter of the exposure reading you want for the color intensity and the shadows or highlights. That's my observations from these tests, but I'll find more ways to test things.

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