Update 2/8/2007

Ok, I've had the camera a short while now, and shot about 1100 images so far. I set the image file naming convention to be sequential. It's the default and works for me. I believe it using the simpliest method to get the job done for some things it's more work to do it a different way. Anyway, it also helps tracks how many images I take, minus the obvious ones I delete in the camera.

So what have I learned, like or dislike, and need to learn? I haven't found anything to really dislike, at least that isn't my own stupidity or mindlessness using it. To begin with I love the erognomics, especially being an old film photographer, but really for the way the controls you really need fall easily at hand with your index finger and thumb, the white balance (light), ISO, metering, shutter speed, aperture, and EV control. You only need the menu for the picture sytle and image quality.

And any buts? Yup, loose fingers. The controls are so easy to access and change, you have to always been aware of the settngs. It's easy to change the aperture without realizing it, and you have to keep checking the viewfinder. It's the dial near the shutter release, and it's really easy to move when holding the camera. And you realize the aperture is 1-2 f-stops off from where you originally set it. That aside, the rest of the camera is really cool to use.

What do I really like about it? It's like giving you 10-20 rolls of a variety of films to use as you want changing everything between shots. I generally don't do that, but the ability to change the white balance, ISO, metering so easily is awesome. And you can change between picture mode (b&w and color) and file format (raw and/or quality of jpeg) only adds to it. And the EXIF data is attached to the file so you don't have to write notes about the exposure, camera settings, etc. Just set and shoot.

So that's the story to date. It's a really cool camera, and you can play all you want and shoot away. What's not to like?

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