Seattle Thanksgiving Day parade 2009
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Seattle Thanksgiving Day parade 2009

This is a slide show of photos of 2009 Seattle (post) Thankgiving Day parade. It's always on the Friday after, sponsored by Macy's with it's Seattle Flagship store downtown at the end of the parade route. This year the weather was warm and sunny, so the crowds were almost sidewalk deep along the whole parade route.

These photographs are taken in the two-block staging area before the start of and during the parade. The parade is staged in a just-in-time staging arrangement where entries are given a designated time and place to arrive, form and prepare for their place in the parade and the last entry, Santa and all the helpers, dancers, band, etc. start the parade as the first entries pass the media reviewing stand.

This means arriving early and staying in the staging area throughout the parade (about 2 hours) to see and photograph all the entries. It's always, to me, the best time as you see everyone relaxed and friendly before their performance in the parade. Once the last entry leaves, I'm done since photographing the parade is almost impossible with the people and rules.

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